Circle One

Directional Kitesurf Boards

The new generation of directional Kitesurf boards from Circle One.

Rigorously tested and refined, we know from customer feedback that our boards deliver an exhilarating and progressive ride every session.

When it comes to kiteboard construction, our materials and processes are state of the art.  The boards have a strong but lightweight epoxy construction, and all utilise our innovative ‘Bamboo Laminate Technology’ together with PVC ‘DV Cell’ reinforcement for a super-tough deck.  The result is a product of exceptional strength to weight ratio.

Available in cool graphic or stunning clear bamboo finish.  All Circle One kiteboards are supplied with full white, diamond pattern 3mm EVA deck pad set (you choose to fit or not) and quality marine screws and washers for retrospective foot-strap fitting.  We supply a Dakine PRIMO footstrap or Circle One branded strap at additional cost.  Check them out on our accessories page.

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Kitesurf Mag 5′ 8″ Round Tail TESTED 2011

Kitesurf Mag 6′ Diamond Tail TESTED 2012

IKSURFMAG 6′ 3″ Swallow Tail TESTED 2012

Kitesurf Mag 5′ 2″ Round Tail TESTED 2013


5'2" Round Tail 5 Fin Kiteboard

5ft 6"

5'6" Quad Swallow Tail Kiteboard

5ft 8"

5'8" Bamboo Round Pin Kiteboard


5'10" Diamond Tail 5 Fin Kiteboard


6' Bamboo Diamond Tail Kiteboard

6ft 3"

6'3" Bamboo Swallow Tail Kiteboard

5ft 8"
Round Pin

5'8" Round Pin Kiteboard

Diamond Tail

6' Diamond Tail Kiteboard

6ft 3"
Swallow Tail

6'3" Swallow Tail Kiteboard