Circle One

7'0" Southern Swell Round Tail Thruster

Ideal as a progression from a large mini-mal to thrusters or short board for the bigger guy. The forgiving width disguises a board that will perform in all conditions with speed and surprising responsiveness.

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All Boards Shaped by Jeff Townsley
  • Length7' 0"
  • Width21¾"
  • Thickness2¾"
  • Tail ShapeRound Tail
  • Fin SetupThruster
  • Construction
    • EPS High Density Pressurised Core
    • CrosslinkTM reinforcement material throughout with multi-layers of premium European fibre-glass
    • Premium European epoxy resin throughout
    • Unidirectional full length wood stringer for strength and controlled flex
    • Exceptional Strength to Weight ratio
    • Super-tough ‘SurfinZ ‘fins and finbox units
    • Gloss Lacquer Finish
    • Hand finished to C1 exacting standards
    • Range of deck graphics
Red Blue Grey Red Blue Grey

The Southern Swells Range