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Razor Surfboards update from Circle One team rider Scott Easty

Hi guys! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but I only took the board for my first surf at the weekend. The waves were really bad, literally one to one and a half foot onshore, the sort of waves where I’d normally have taken a swell board in but thought...

New for 2016 Circle One Razor Boards

  THE ALL NEW ‘RAZOR’ RANGE FOR 2016 Developed from extensive rider feedback and in-depth research with retailers the Razor range builds further on the full volume concept of the successful Pro Pig Range of 2015. With the ‘Razors’ we have really pushed the game...

Surfing penguins at Living Coasts

Here’s proof of just how cool penguins are – at a zoo in Devon they surf! To mark World Penguin Day, on 25th April, keepers at Living Coasts, Torquay’s coastal zoo, gave their penguins a hand-shaped surfboard. Their miniature board was made by Circle One, based in...

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