Hi Guys

I have been so busy surfing and absolutely loving it, doing heaps of comps, but now on holidays.

I made it to State, came first in the school surfing and choked in the overall state and came 5th.  We have just come home from Aussie’s and came 2nd in the schools, it was nine days surfing with the best in Australia, so now I have a goal to get into the State team next year, not just for school surfing.

I have been selected to be part of the Tweed Academy of Sport, where they teach you to surf and also other important skills, fitness, how to handle competitions, public speaking, nutrition.  I’m hoping after the course I can get some results, I’ve had a few comments on my C1 wetsuit, on how well it fits so many girls find it hard to find one that fits correctly, so I’m telling them to get on the website and order one, so hopefully they do!!

Thanks again for your support guys


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