Massive thanks to Amy from Portsmouth for this feedback on her recent purchase of  a Circle One wetsuit!:


 I am sending you an email to thank you.  I am a “big girl” by societies standards (a size 18) and it had come to that time where I had to purchase a new wetsuit as mine is no longer sealed etc. I always dread this, not only am I a “big girl” as aforementioned but I am also tall… Because of this finding a new suit is a terrible task which is often embarrassing as Roxy, Animal and Billabong do not even go past a size 14. Every so often they will include a size 16 to tease me and say “close, but not close enough, basically, you’re too fat to surf!”  I’ve been surfing since I was 10 and am a fit and healthy young lady to boot.

 During this nightmare I also tried on men’s suits but as I have curves I found it to be tight in some areas and – as I am lacking in a significant area of anatomy – rather baggy in others! Also they were all well over £150…!  I’d rather spend that money to put petrol in mine and my boyfriend’s T4 to take us to the next beach…!!!

 And then in Woolacombe, my dreams became realised and my prayers were answered… At the Hunter shop there was a Circle One suit in my size for £65.  I nearly fainted (dramatic I know, but emotions were high!) my boyfriend frog marched me to the changing room and it was like a scene from Cinderella, “It fits!” I purchased it there and then and the man said “Oh, you also have a years warranty, any probs and we’ll sort it out.”  I wanted to kiss him!

 Twenty mins later I was in the water for four hours and I hasten to add it was a summer suit and it was April! I had great ease of movement and was roasty toasty warm!

 So… The main point of this email is for me to just say thanks! Big girls can surf and SUP thanks to Circle One who shall now be referred to as Circle Wonder…!!!

 “You shall go to the Ball…!”

 Amy, Portsmouth xXx

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