Looking for the ultimate surf gift for the surfer guy or gal in your life for Christmas? Look no further than our guide for Christmas gifts for surfers! At Circle One we have lots of products for a range of budgets and abilities which make perfect presents for watersports enthusiasts! Take advantage of free UK mainland shipping to get your gift in time. Here are 10 useful and cool Christmas present ideas for surfers…


#1 – Razor Shortboard Surfboard – £365

OK so we start off with a biggie, but if you are on the lookout for an amazing surfboard for a present for someone, then the Razor must be on your list. With a length for every ability and style, and developed from extensive team rider feedback and in-depth research with our retailers on what surfers really want from their ride; the Razor surfboard series are built firmly on the full volume concept and push the game forward in fuller volume performance surfboards. Whatever your level of surfing, the Razors excel in all surfing conditions – they love a clean wave but also cut through messy surf and flat sections with speed and ease. Choose from 10 shapes starting at shortboard 5ft 8 up to 9ft longboard.

The 6′ 6″ fish tail surfboard is a great fun board made for speed and performance even in smaller waves. This version has a beautiful matt soft touch high quality finish.


#2 – Double Surfboard Bag – £78 – £100

If your gift recipient already has a lovely surfboard or two, why not get them something you know will be useful. Our double surfboard bag is constructed from the same quality materials and 5mm padding as our regular single surfboard bags and SUP board bags, so are tough and built to last the distance. This double surfboard bag has 3 velcro compression points to reduce the gusset depth when transporting only one board – providing a neater fit. Circle One surfboard bags are engineered to provide maximum protection for your board and make travel to far off destinations as easy as cruising to your local break.


#3 – Australian Board Company Soft Top Kids Surfboard – SALE NOW £265

Now on sale, we have put together this ultimate package which includes everything you need to complete your surfing experience and makes an ideal gift for a child wanting to get into surfing. Our full surfboard package includes a Circle One robust surfboard bag, leash, thruster fins and eco cold water surf wax. These boards are designed with generous volume to be buoyant and very stable so first time surfers can easily catch and ride waves and build up the confidence to start performing basic turns. At the same time, the premium construction offers longevity and a more refined ride than your standard beginner board, so improver to expert surfers will also find plenty to love about this board! The smaller sizes of 5′ 2″ to 6′ are a perfect surfboard for kids, and the soft top coating makes them safe and soft to fall on.










#4 – Open Water Swimming & Triathlon Wetsuit – £149

An ideal gift for avid open water swimmers or triathletes is the brand new Circle One H2O Pro Swimming Wetsuit. Coming in men’s and women’s sizes, they are a great entry-level swimming wetsuit designed to give you protection and warmth for open water swimming and triathlons. The PRO suit has 3mm neoprene panels on the main torso, 2mm on the arms and legs and thinner 1.5mm behind the knees and on the calves for improved leg movement. We use high quality super stretch limestone neoprene for the best range of movement in these suits. 4-way stretch nylon on the under arms give full flexibility and rotation in the arms when swimming and aids fatigue over long distances.










#5 – Honeycomb Thruster Fin Set – £29.99

It’s not often that something so simple and functional can be this beautiful, but our honeycomb fins really are things of beauty. These are FCS compatible thruster honeycomb fin set based on the FCS M5 template and will fit FCS II and FCS Fusion finbox systems. The Honeycomb hexagonal core construction delivers a lightweight yet unique stiffness and flexibility. This well rounded template is designed to strike a balance between speed, drive and maneuverability. Suitable for a wide range of conditions from beach breaks to point breaks and available in 3 colours. Great stocking filler for surf lovers!



#6 – Slosh Wetsuit Cleaner – £4.99

An essential for anyone who owns a wetsuit, Slosh wetsuit cleaner is both a shampoo and conditioner in one for your wetsuit. It is completely eco friendly and biodegradable with no harmful chemicals and easily removes salt, chlorine and odours while special disinfectant & conditioning agents preserve & extend the life of your wetsuit or swimsuit. Again a really nice stocking filler or small and useful present which won’t just sit in a drawer gathering dust.


#7 – Bodyboard Package – From £72.99

This convenient package upgrades your new bodyboard with a high quality bodyboard bag for carrying your boards in style, a premium coiled wrist leash, optional bodyboard fins for extra speed and performance in the waves and optional bodyboard fin savers to keep them on your feet! Choose from a range of bodyboard sizes for kids and adults, and opt for our premium Xplosion model or great value Pulse or Southern Swells boards. Great gift for beginners and experts alike!


#8 – Skimboard Package – £259

One of our most popular products always get more popular at Christmas! These sleek beautiful boards make a perfect present for kids or adults wanting to get into or develop their skimboarding. These boards will sand skim brilliantly but unlike the wooden skimboard range they have added volume to get you skimming out to waves, and riding them. This skimboard package also includes a skimboard bag to protect your board when travelling, an arch bar, traction pad and wax for added grip and customisation of your skimboard.


#9 – Dura Resin Epoxy Surfboard Repair Kit – £7.99

You never know when you might need a quick fix ding repair kit. That’s the beauty of this handy mini tube to have in your surfboard bag just in case you need it. The Phix Doctor Dura Resin formula is fibre filled resin which is activated by UV rays in sunlight and can fix your dings in only 2-3 minutes so you can get on and enjoy your surf! It can fix both polyester and epoxy surfboards and boasts an endless shelf life. The tube comes in recycled cardboard packaging and includes a clear plastic sheet, a mixing/ application stick and small sanding pad to smooth down your repair if needed. So easy to have on you and very easy to miss if you don’t have it! Perfect stocking filler for a keen surfer who rides hard!


#10 – Bamboo Longboard – £605

And finally, who wouldn’t want a massive longboard waiting for them patiently wrapped up under the tree?! Our Circle One 9’ 2” Bamboo Longboards embody the best shaping characteristics of a performance longboard ride. The shape is designed to allow you to work the wave to generate surprising speed and a super responsive ride when getting your weight to the end. The 2+1 fin set up gives extra hold but can also be ridden as a classic single fin in more leisurely surf. Whether you want a lazy ride, hang ten from the nose or carve from the tail, this board allows you to surf with confidence, style and grace. A classic longboard with a performance edge when you need it. Perfect for all abilities and surf conditions and designed with UK surf conditions in mind.


Circle One Gift Card

Of course if you still don’t know what to get that special person for Christmas, why not opt for the simple, risk-free option and buy a Circle One gift voucher for them so they can choose themselves? A Circle One gift card will allow the recipient to redeem the gift code against purchases on the online store (just enter the code at checkout) or in-store at the Circle One HQ showroom/ shop in Crediton, Devon (simply print out the gift card or show proof of purchase on your smart device).

gift card christmas

Choosing a gift card is easy, just follow the steps below:
STEP 1: Choose value of the gift card or enter your own amount (choose ‘manual amount’ in the drop down)
STEP 2: Choose default gift card image or upload your own
STEP 3: Add your personal message and recipient details
STEP 4: Choose a delivery date using the ‘postpone delivery’ option (optional)
STEP 5: Proceed to checkout!

Happy Christmas shopping!

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