Circle One’s surf sales manager Pete Nicolle spotted something out of the corner of his eye returning home after a long day in the office.

At first he could not make out the shape in the mist and sea swell but as it got closer he could not believe his eyes and grabbed for his mobile.

To his amazement he captured the only known footage of the legendry Surf Reaper which has only been talked about in very close surfing circles. Legend has it that every Halloween he takes to his board, grabs his scythe and paddles around to find expecting surfers and then entices them to follow him into the fading darkness.

Many years ago there was a rumour that he was frequenting the shores of North Cornwall and had been spotted enticing a young surfer of Fistral Beach in Newquay but this story was never enforced but is still talked about in the local pubs.

Recent sightings have been rumoured to have seen the Surf Reaper all over the South West of England but due to fading light and only been seen on one day a year and no photos or film has ever captured the elusive figure. – well until now.


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