Im back in thinner rubber and its feeling great out in the sunshine again. Been a bit of a lack of swell for the last month or so , but I have had the odd fun days at the local beaches. I have picked up sponsorship from BBHQ surf shop Portreath and have had a few good photo’s published in the last few issue’s of 360mag. The contest scene has yet to start , the first two comps of this year have now been cancelled due to poor swell. Its looking like il be doing the British Nationals again on october and maybe one in St Ives in September.

Planning to get away for a couple of weeks in october with some other guys on a bit of an adventure. Just going to fly out to where the best swell is at the time.

I have uploaded all of my favourite shots onto FlickR if anybody fancies a look the link is below :
ttp://[email protected]/?saved=1

Hope all is well at Circle one HQ




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