What is Limestone Neoprene?

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Manufacturing surfboards and wetsuits and therefore loving the ocean, tends to go hand in hand with trying to protect it, and be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. We strive to produce great quality products but also weigh up the impact of our manufacturing and materials on the planet. Using limestone neoprene in our wetsuits is just one of those steps we’ve taken. Although not completely eco-friendly, limestone neoprene is still considerably greener than the neoprene manufacturing of the past which used crude oil and petrochemicals to make the chloroprene rubber in neoprene. The process of turning limestone into neoprene uses less energy than oil-based neoprene, and in not using oil at all, takes away the risk of oil spills in its production.

The main benefits of limestone neoprene lie in its performance. Limestone neoprene is strong and durable. We believe in quality products not only so they will last for the customer, and be able to be enjoyed for as long as possible, but also to reduce the impact of product waste in the world. It is also stretchier, more lightweight and warmer than oil-based neoprene due to having 30% more air bubbles in the structure of the rubber.



Limestone Neoprene – The Benefits

  • Better insulation in the water – 95% water impermeable compared to 70% for standard petroleum neoprene
  • Increased Stretch – For an improved fit and comfort of your wetsuit. Limestone neoprene also has better stretch memory so it fits to your body like a second skin
  • Longer lasting – generally lasts 2-3 times longer than oil-based neoprene
  • Uses less energy in extraction and production
  • Lightweight – the structure of limestone neoprene involves cells filled with nitrogen which reduces the weight of the neoprene and also creates a really warm barrier between you and the cold sea.


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