Circle One Wetsuit Care Guide


Following good wetsuit care is so important in extending the life of your wetsuit and making sure it protects you from the cold when you need it to! Here are some top tips on wetsuit care to keep your new Circle One wetsuit as good as new!

  • DON’T stand on your wetsuit to remove it, yes its hard work but be gentle, this equipment is to help you.
  • Work in reverse when removing the suit. Do not pull too hard. Remove the gear slowly and carefully.
  • Try to put on your wetsuit in a clean, dry place away from sand, trees, and rocks that can snag the fabric. For full wetsuits, wearing a rash guard under the suit will make putting it on and off easier.
  • Grab yourself a bucket or wetsuit bag to keep it from ruining your car.
  • Use said bucket as a rinse aid when you are home.
  • Do the “Circle One squeeze” use both hands to squeeze your suit in fresh water until the water is dirty. Then rinse the wetsuit before hanging.
  • Do not use hot water, use cool or tepid water. In hot water, neoprene loses some of the flexibility, so if you are changing in a shower, use cool water to rinse the suit and then soak yourself in warmth.
  • Use a special wetsuit cleaner that will help remove salt, chlorine and organic residues. Never use bleach or any harsh cleaner.
  • Hang your wetsuit on a ‘suit’ hanger or similar with wide shoulders, this will prevent stretch and any deformations of the wetsuit shoulders.
  • Store on a hanger out of direct sunlight.
  • Hang to dry inside out. The outer surface will be protected and the inside will dry first to make putting the suit back on much easier.

Circle One Surfboard Care Guide

The do’s and don’ts – Circle One Surfboard Care Guide

So you’ve finally decided which surfboard to buy! Following good surfboard care is so important in extending the life of your surfboard so here are some top tips to protect your new surfboard:

  • Rinse the surfboard after using it. Doing this stops the salt stains on the surfboard but also helps prevent corrosion from grime/salt building up in the fin boxes/grub screws.
  • Avoid wrapping your leash around your board. Remove your leash and stash it somewhere you wont forget it next time, trust us on this one! It makes a world of difference when your leash isn’t tangled in the water.
  • Don’t store your surfboard somewhere really hot and avoid extreme changes in temperature e.g. going straight from cold sea to a boiling hot car. This goes for having your surfboard in the sunshine too – try and find a nice shady spot for it if you are going to be chilling on the beach for long.
  • Don’t leave your board wax-side up in the sun, it will cause the wax to melt and won’t last as long so you will have to re-wax your board more often.
  • Be careful when carrying your board, it is easy to hit into objects and ding the nose and tail of your board in particular.
  • Learn how to properly wax your surfboard, and fully clean the wax off regularly and reapply so it is doing its job and protecting your surfboard.
  • Remove your fins when you are storing your surfboard for long periods of time, they are liable to be snapped or worse cause damage to your surfboard.
  • Keep it wrapped up, check out our range of board bags; they definitely help stop the dings you don’t find, until you go to surf.
  • DO NOT SURF if the surfboard has damage which has penetrated the resin, get it fixed. Surfing it will cause more damage by allowing water inside. If there’s no other option (sometimes we just have to surf) use a quick ding repair kit like Phix Doctor UV Epoxy/Poly Ding Repair Kit which can patch up your board for a quick fix. 
  • DO NOT use wax to fill a ding, this doesn’t work and will only make any repair harder to carry out.
  • If you are going to be storing the surfboard for a while, remove the wax. **dirty wax smells!**

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Surfing penguins at Living Coasts

Here’s proof of just how cool penguins are – at a zoo in Devon they surf! To mark World Penguin Day, on 25th April, keepers at Living Coasts, Torquay’s coastal zoo, gave their penguins a hand-shaped surfboard.

Their miniature board was made by Circle One, based in Crediton, near Exeter. Circle One owner Jeff Townsley discussed the idea with the animal staff. He said: “In over 40 years of manufacturing and shaping surfboards I have never been asked to make a surfboard for such a surprising or worthy cause – but after thinking it over we were able to make one just right for penguins.”

OK, so none of the birds actually leaped on the board and started to recreate scenes from the 2007 computer-animated comedy Surf’s Up. But a two-year old macaroni penguin named Yoyo was happy to be snapped beside the board. Maybe by World Penguin Day next year he’ll be riding the waves!

World Penguin Day is an excuse – as if anyone needed one – to celebrate penguins, to find out more about penguins and to raise awareness for the conservation of penguins. Living Coasts, a registered charity, supports penguin research, rescue and rehabilitation in South Africa.

Living Coasts’ Clare Rugg: “Zoos routinely use what we call environmental enrichment, including specially-designed toys, novel items and activities, to stimulate animals mentally and physically. Someone suggested a surfboard as a joke – but then we began to wonder what would happen if a penguin really had a surfboard…”

Yoyo was hatched on 27th May 2013 to parents Corin and Blue, but had to be hand-reared by keepers, so he is especially confident around people.