How To Recycle Your Wetsuit With Circle One Surf Company

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As members of the Surfers Against Sewage 250 Club we are proud to be part of a powerful network of businesses driving forward a strong message and enabling movement for change. The ocean is our playground, our place of relaxation and the place we love to share. Our aim is to always look after it and encourage our peers to do so.

In efforts to reduce plastic from our packaging we have developed cardboard packaging for all of our leashes, footwear, gloves, hoods and accessories, and are always striving to be 100% plastic free. Our products however, (like all) have a lifecycle. This is something that our team have been closely monitoring. Not only to learn how to increase product longevity, but also to figure out what happens to our products after their use is no longer required.

As part of our current services we offer wetsuit repair here at our HQ, in order to make wetsuits last longer and prevent more wetsuits ending up in landfill. We have also been recycling your old Circle One wetsuits. Using old neoprene in wetsuit repairs, creating patches and sections for wetsuits.

Alongside this we have now partnered with Barefoot.Tech, allowing us to recycle even more wetsuits!

About Barefoot.Tech

Barefoot.Tech is a unique sustainable accessories label that offers a wide range of products. All products are remade from wetsuits and other water sport materials.

Created by a fashion product design graduate from South Wales. Ffion grew up water skiing on the lakes of Wales with her family and after noticing the vast number of wetsuits collected in the basement with no ethical way to dispose of these, sparked the idea of recycling them into innovative items people would want to use.

After graduating from Arts University Bournemouth in 2020 Ffion’s small business has gained a lot of attention and is growing rapidly in the sustainability sector.

Understanding neoprene and its environmental impact encourage Ffion’s work ethic. Always a zero-waste approach when creating the products. Ffion believes that reusing and recycling wetsuits and life jackets into innovative, fashionable pieces gives another life cycle to the wetsuits. By extending this lifecycle it stops wetsuits from ending up in a landfill.

If you have an old wetsuit (any brand) you no longer want and don’t know what to do with. Send it back to us, or drop it off at our factory in Crediton. Please include a note in your parcel saying that you wish to recycle your wetsuit. Recycle over landfill every time!

Circle One Surf Co. Marsh Lane, Lords Meadow Industrial Estate, Crediton, Devon, EX17 1ES, United Kingdom

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Circle One Wetsuit Care Guide


Following good wetsuit care is so important in extending the life of your wetsuit and making sure it protects you from the cold when you need it to! Here are some top tips on wetsuit care to keep your new Circle One wetsuit as good as new!

  • DON’T stand on your wetsuit to remove it, yes its hard work but be gentle, this equipment is to help you.
  • Work in reverse when removing the suit. Do not pull too hard. Remove the gear slowly and carefully.
  • Try to put on your wetsuit in a clean, dry place away from sand, trees, and rocks that can snag the fabric. For full wetsuits, wearing a rash guard under the suit will make putting it on and off easier.
  • Grab yourself a bucket or wetsuit bag to keep it from ruining your car.
  • Use said bucket as a rinse aid when you are home.
  • Do the “Circle One squeeze” use both hands to squeeze your suit in fresh water until the water is dirty. Then rinse the wetsuit before hanging.
  • Do not use hot water, use cool or tepid water. In hot water, neoprene loses some of the flexibility, so if you are changing in a shower, use cool water to rinse the suit and then soak yourself in warmth.
  • Use a special wetsuit cleaner that will help remove salt, chlorine and organic residues. Never use bleach or any harsh cleaner.
  • Hang your wetsuit on a ‘suit’ hanger or similar with wide shoulders, this will prevent stretch and any deformations of the wetsuit shoulders.
  • Store on a hanger out of direct sunlight.
  • Hang to dry inside out. The outer surface will be protected and the inside will dry first to make putting the suit back on much easier.

Winter Surfboard Testing in Morocco

In the winter of 2017 – 2018 we sent some of our newest products along with team riders to the place where endless sand meets the Atlantic. Central Morocco. After a tough autumn surfing season in the UK we decided that what would be better than to relive the dream and surf ‘the magic bay’ (Imousane) first of all we needed a plan! So with that a flight was booked…

Morocco is a playground for surfers. It offers a unique variety of waves from long slow walls to face paced lip chucking madness. This is why it is and always has been the perfect testing ground for Circle One products. From the very beginning of Circle One the Atlantic coast of morocco has been part of our history, in the latter years of the 60s Jeff and his trusty Volkswagen camper-van travelled to the same coast of which we still explore and test our products today.

The Magic bay didn’t disappoint! For the best part of three weeks straight, the waves continued to pump through. As if a machine was producing the swell. Every morning had a wake up call that was the sound of 6ft walls rolling down the point. The Circle One Pro surfboards looked alive and full of energy under the feet of the surfers. Each and every session ending in smiles and tales of ‘that one wave’.

Everyday of the trip became instantly memorable by the number one wave of that day. It really was eat, sleep, surf, repeat. At the rate these guys were surfing we really did not expect them to leave the country.

With spring 2018 very close to our doors we have now finalised the details of our newest range. Circle One Pro. This range has been extensively tested in all conditions (both in morocco and UK). We have really put it through its paces, keep your eyes on our social pages for more information.

For more information on the Circle One Pro surfboards click here

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Thank you to Olo Surf and Nature for accommodating us on our adventure.