10 Things To Do Whilst There’s No Surf

Whether you are an inland surfer or a coastal living wave chaser there are inevitably going to be times like these, small pulses of long range swells come and go but on the whole there’s a serious lack of surf. We’ve come up with some fun alternative beach activities to pass the time.

1.) Snorkelling

Snorkelling will still satisfy your need to be in the ocean and with the current lack of waves, the visibility is incredible. Its amazing what you can see if you head to the Devon, Cornwall and Welsh coastlines, the underwater world is truly fascinating. Who knows you may get to see a seal or two. Click here to view Circle One snorkel sets.

2.) Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a great way to keep you in the surfing mindset, find a cruiser longboard and carve up the tarmac. Mind surf those streets! Be careful though concrete isn’t as forgiving as water. Not only does skateboarding help with your balance on a board the fitness gained is phenomenal.

3.) Skim-boarding

If you’re not so keen to on land on tarmac, why not try your hand at skim boarding? Most sandy beaches work well for this and if there’s a very small wave you can even surf if back to the beach. Our range of skimboards have something to suit every level. Click here to browse.

4.) Yoga

Keep loose for the next time there are waves, surfing requires so much flexibility why not keep training for that whilst you have the time out of the water.

5.) A beach clean

Help out mother nature, she is struggling at the moment with the amount of plastic and litter pollution on our beaches. Every little bit of litter removed from our beaches is a help to clean up our coastlines. Our planet will not clean itself and you get to enjoy the beach! For more information on beach cleans and plastic pollution check out The Plastic Project here.

6.) Ride the largest board you can get hold of

There have been small windows of swell to grace our shores, keep an eye on the surf forecast and if there is the chance of some knee / waist high surf, grab the largest surfboard you have and go surfing! A wave is a wave… feed the addiction. Who knows you may learn to tandem surf with your buddies. Here are some 9Ft + boards from Circle One Surf Co.

7.) Wild swim

The southwest is home to some picturesque wild swimming spots, take the family, your friends, your partner and spend some time to relax in the countryside. Be sure to check out some spots online before you go.

8.) SUP

Stand Up Paddle Boarding will get you in the water even on the flattest of days, maybe choose a lake or river to go for an adventure. This is not only relaxing its also extremely good fitness training and of course allows you to be outside enjoying the sunshine.

Circle One SUP’s

9.) Walk the coastline

Take a walk on the wild side, the UK’s coastline has so many hidden beaches there are around 1500 beaches currently mapped. Go explore!

10.) Plan your next surfing adventure

Look at flights, book time off of work, check swells, lets go! Use the time you would have been surfing wisely, your next overseas surf adventure is waiting, so why not book it now?

Stay positive! The surf will be back soon! 

Circle One Surf Co.