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Spring is always an exciting time for Circle One. New stock is coming in, the evenings are getting lighter and it just feels altogether sunnier, warmer and like summer is so close. We have our summer wetsuits back in stock, so we thought it would be a great time to explain exactly what makes our Faze summer wetsuit the perfect choice for everyone this summer.

Faze wetsuits come in sizes for men, women, kids and tiny tots, from 3XL to 4XS so there should be something in there for most people looking for a versatile summer wetsuit. We use luxuriously soft and stretchy limestone neoprene in these wetsuits for an extremely comfortable fit. Limestone neoprene is much more environmentally friendly than traditional petroleum neoprene. There are extra stretchy panels where you need them: in the arms, shoulders and knees, to enable full range of motion and flexibility during a variety of watersports.

The Faze is a 3/2 mm wetsuit, meaning there is 3mm thick neoprene on the torso and upper legs of the wetsuit to keep your core warm, and 2mm thick neoprene on the arms and lower legs. It is a standard thickness of “summer” wetsuits ideal for UK summer and into autumn for prolonged exposure to the sea.


We offer Faze wetsuits in two designs, the full length 3/2 mm wetsuit and the 3/2 mm shorty wetsuit. Which you go for is up to your personal preference and the use that you’d like it for. The full length offers more protection in the knees and elbows which is ideal for surfing and other sports where you may need protection or padding on your bony joints. They are also warmer so better if you plan on staying in the water longer. Our Faze shorty wetsuits are perfect for a mix of playing on the beach and in the sea on warm summer days as they have full 50+ UV protection from the sun (as do the full length wetsuits) and you won’t get as hot as in a full length wetsuit. Some people prefer how they are easier to get on and off and they are easy to move around in and very comfortable. Perfect for paddleboarding or kayaking where you don’t need the full protection from the cold of a full length wetsuit but the sea in the UK is too cold for going without a wetsuit!

The thicker chest and back panels of the suit also cut out wind chill with their extra layer of protection. So if you need a suit for being in and out of the water, for example when kitesurfing, windsurfing or wakeboarding, then the Faze does the job all summer long.

The Circle One Faze wetsuit range offers great value for a truly technical and comfortable summer wetsuit.


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