The Ultimate Surfboard Travel Bag Buying Guide

One of the most important and easily overlooked purchases when investing in new surfing equipment can be a suitably hard-wearing and protective surfboard travel bag. There are many on the market, of varying thickness in padding and materials. So which is the best? And what is needed for your particular surfboard? At Circle One we have a range of board bags to suit every surfboard, bodyboard and SUP we make and sell, and of course they are compatible with the vast majority of boards on the market. So it is easy to find the perfect surfboard travel bag, double surfboard bag, SUP bag, skimboard bag or bodyboard bag for you!

Surfboard Bags

For any surfboards, from shortboards to longboards we have surfboard bags to fit them. Take a look at the table below to show the full dimensions of our surfboard travel bags and then measure your own board carefully to make sure it will fit. The length of the bag is designed for a board the same length as it, and therefore does have room e.g. an 8ft bag will fit an 8ft surfboard in with inches to spare and is not 8ft in length exactly.

Bag Length (ft)Bag Width (Widest Point)Bag Weight Unloaded (kg)
5' 6"24" (61cm)1.95kg
6'24" (61cm)2.02kg
6' 6"24" (61cm)2.14kg
7'25.5" (65cm)2.32kg
7' 6"25.5" (65cm)2.36kg
8'26" (66cm)2.62kg
8' 6"26" (66cm)2.92kg
9'27" (69cm)2.96kg
9' 6"27" (69cm)3.12kg
9' 6" (SUP Bag)36" (91.5cm)3.82kg
10' 6" (SUP Bag)37" (94cm)3.98kg
11' (SUP Bag)37" (94cm)4.15kg
12' (SUP Bag)37" (94cm)4.76kg

All our board bags are made from heavy duty 5mm high density foam padding. They are thick and built to protect your surfboard in storage, general transit and airport use. The outer fabric is tough 600D polyester and the handle and shoulder strap are robust and comfortable to use. We use good quality two way metal zips and have made the opening extra large for easy packing.

We also have double surfboard bags for carrying more than one smaller surfboard. They are also suitable for extra wide surfboards which might not fit into a single surfboard travel bag, or for carrying extra kit or clothing when travelling further afield. Read our ultimate guide for travelling with surfboards here for more tips on packing your board bag for the airport.

SUP Bags

If you have a hard stand up paddleboard then we have a strong and padded protective SUP bag for you. Suitable for all boards up to 12ft in length (so not for 12′ 6″ race boards), these SUP travel bags are perfect for protecting your non-inflatable paddleboard in storage and when travelling to the beach or river.

Once again they are padded full of the same technical features as the surfboard travel bags we make, and are also great for longboard surfboards too. Check out the size guide above to check the width of the board bag against your SUP.

If you are yet to buy a SUP, take advantage of our hard SUP bundle package, which includes the paddleboard, premium paddle, leash and protective SUP bag all in one easy package.

Bodyboard Bags

Often cheaply imitated, it can be hard to find a decent, hard-wearing bodyboard bag. Our bodyboard bag is perfect for transporting the family’s bodyboards, bodyboard fins and accessories down to the beach. Made of tough 600D shell fabric and tough stitching, this bag is built to last. This quality bag can carry up to 3 bodyboards comfortably. Great for protecting your boards when storing and for carrying your bodyboards to and from the beach.

The padded backpack straps make it comfortable and easy to trek to the furthest and quietest bits of the beach with all your gear.

Choose from red, blue, green or yellow logo and graphics!

Skimboard bags

And finally, we never want to leave out our skimboards, so we have of course provided a protective bag for them too! If you treat yourself to a carbon fibre skimboard or a beautiful epoxy skimboard in our gloss finish, then you’ll want to keep it nice for as long as possible when storing and travelling. Our skimboard bags are made from the same high quality materials as our other bags, and come with a handy carry strap to put your board on your shoulder.

Check out our skimboard bundles for packages containing your choice of epoxy skimboard, wax, grip pad and skimboard bag.

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