The ocean and its sustainability is everything to us at Circle One.

Without it, our business wouldn’t exist so we want to do everything we can to ensure future generations and ourselves can enjoy it for years to come. We all have a responsibility to be as sustainable and green as possible and we aim to do our bit for our planet.


Built To Last


100% Plastic Free Future


Relationships We Care About


Circle One products, from our surfboards to our wetsuits, are built to last. We believe in quality products not only so they will last for the customer, and be able to be enjoyed for as long as possible, but also to reduce the impact of product waste in the world. Buying a cheap bodyboard or wetsuit which you know will last for one summer and then be thrown away is a huge contributing factor to sustainability and environmental issues in the world. Each of our boards are hand-finished and a huge amount of knowledge, technology and passion go into every product to ensure they are high quality and strong.

We use limestone neoprene in our wetsuits which is more environmentally friendly than traditional petro-chemical neoprene. It uses more sustainable and less toxic resources during production and it lasts longer so you can enjoy your wetsuit for longer and less should end up in landfill.

Marine Plastic

With the current state of single use plastic pollution it is becoming increasingly common to stumble across bottles and other single use plastics in the surfing line-up. This is having a devastating effect on our ocean environment. We have already cut down on our plastic packaging for our products, with cardboard packaging for all our leashes, and are aiming to be 100% plastic free in the next few years. 

We have become sponsors of The Plastic Project run by surf photographer Tim Nunn, to help raise awareness and educate others of the issue. We hope to help inspire others to help the cause and look after what we love.

We are also proud members of the Surfers Against Sewage 250 Club. We are part of a powerful network driving forward a movement for change and helping to protect the UK’s unique coastal environment.


As a lifestyle company, we are naturally part of a community sharing a passion for surfing and other watersports. We care about our staff, customers, suppliers, partners, organisations and charities, in the UK and all over the World. We work closely with staff at all levels of manufacture and ensure fair working conditions for all. We like to give back to the surfing and ocean community through partnerships and supporting charities such as The Wave Project and Surfers Against Sewage.


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