Circle One founder and shaper, Jeff Townsley, has produced arguably some of the best epoxy surfboard shapes of the last 50 years and continues to innovate and build on his vast shaping experience to this day. Whether it’s a beginner boardshortboardmini-mal or longboard there is a board in the Circle One surfboards range to take you on the next step of your surfing journey. 

We have also partnered with the Australian Board Company to bring you the Pulse series for beginners/intermediates, an impressive range of matt finish boards. Learn more about our fascinating board making process here or find the perfect surfboard for you with our ultimate surfboard buyer guide!   





Generally under 6ft 10 and designed for performance surfing, turning and carving on the wave. Come in a variety of nose and tail shapes, volumes and widths for different surfing preferences. 

As the name suggests, a playful range of surfboards between a shortboard and a longboard, encompassing mini mals. Great for beginners or improvers and those who love to get into the sea and catch some waves! 

Mini mals are generally in the region of 7ft 3 – 8ft 4 and are a great all-round surfboard. Perfect for beginners with great buoyancy and stability, but also fun and progressive for intermediate surfers. 

Longboards are 9ft + and offer a relaxed and laid back form of surfing. The added volume makes catching waves easy even in small conditions and are designed for stability on the wave to perform cross-steps and other longboard tricks. 

Soft Top boards are incredibly popular with families and beginners as they are fun and forgiving and make catching waves easy. 



Our Bamboo range is manufactured using environmentally friendly and sustainable bamboo to harness the natural strength and flex of this beautiful material. The result is surfboards that deliver a super-responsive ride and the grain on each board is truly unique! Choose from lengths between 6 ft 2 inch and 9 ft 6 inch.

Australian Board Company surfboards are designed to provide great value products, making surfing accessible to all. Born from the desire to bring the Aussie beach lifestyle to UK shores, each ABC surfboard is made with UK conditions and beginner to intermediate surfers in mind. Despite their cheaper price tag, they do not compromise on quality, and each board is made using quality materials and manufacturing methods. 

Our Pro Carbon Range is the pinnacle of 50 years of Circle One surfboard design. A range of 4 high performance shortboard shapes with hidden volume under the chest and Carbon Fibre Tech in the rails of the boards. The result? A dynamic range of shortboards providing speed both down the line and through the flatter sections but still with the agility, flex and control to turn sharply.

Developed from extensive team rider feedback and in-depth research on what surfers really want from their ride, the Razor surfboard series is built firmly on top quality materials in fuller volume performance surf boards. Whatever your level of surfing, Razor surfboards excel in all surfing conditions – they love a clean wave but also cut through messy surf with speed and ease. Choose from our widest range of shapes and lengths from a 5ft 8 shortboard up to 9ft longboard.

The Southern Swells Epoxy Surfboard Series stands for quality and performance at an excellent price and we are confident you won’t find boards of this quality and construction for the price anywhere else. We use only premium European glass-fibre and epoxy resin and boards come in a handful of progressive shapes from shortboard to longboard – perfect for beginner or progression surfers looking to improve their skills.

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